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Does anyone have any clues on how you can fix this?:-(

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Drivers frustrated by fines curbing illegal parking

"It's a huge issue at the moment. Not everybody's happy," he said.

He said the council was going to ask for more detail from the parking industry.

"What I'm finding is, it's a very small percentage, one per cent."

The council said it had already had feedback that the enforcement policy would reduce the number of parking incidents in the city but said there was a need to "increase police presence".

Opposition Leader Campbell Newman said the council had no idea what the impact would be.

"It should be up to the people on councils for things like that and to use their power rather than putting it at council's discretion," he said.

"So the issue to me is if it was a free market there would be lots of places to park.

"But because we have government people with special interests, they don't want the public to use them."

The council told the Courier Mail on Monday it was making changes to the policy so that drivers with valid permits would be able to park and those without would not.

Drivers who are paid by the hour would be able to park with a parking permit and those who are not will have their vehicles confiscated.

A spokesman said a $10 fine would result if people drove with a vehicle registered at the address but they did not park in it.

"If somebody has a commercial parking permit they won't be able to park but their vehicle won't be seized," he said.

"If they do have a motor vehicle licence it won't be seized but they won't have their vehicle."

The council said all fines would then be distributed based on the owner's age and licence, which will start to kick in at the top end of the income scale.

"We also see this as an opportunity for more people with legitimate permits to drive for a much lower rate of fines," he said.

The spokesman also said enforcement was expected to be reduced and fines would be increased by 50 per cent from the current rates in the future.

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